Contributions to Shangri-La strengthens Shangri-La's ability to fulfill its mission and to create communities where all people are accepted for their abilities.

Download and print our mail-in donation form click here or click the links below to make a secure online donation.

On-Going Needs
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Our needs are as unique and as ever-changing as the thousands of individuals served each year by Shangri-La. On the donation form, you can choose to dedicate your donation to one of the specific areas listed below or give to the current greatest need.

Community Access and Educational Assistance
The Jan Kral Legacy Scholarship fund provides persons-served by Shangri-La the financial assistance needed to participate in educational or cultural opportunities in their community. The fund was established as part of Shangri-La's on-going commitment to learning and community inclusion opportunities for the people we serve. 100% of your contribution to the Jan Kral Legacy Scholarship Fund will directly benefit persons-served.

Medical, Transportation and Personal Care Assistance
The Louise's Shoe Fund provides financial assistance for medical, dental, personal hygiene, transportation costs and other basic needs for persons-served that are not available through other means (i.e. insurance, private pay, etc.). Items covered by this fund may include eye glasses, personal protective gear for individuals who experience seizures, personal hygiene items, bus passes, winter jackets, or orthopedic shoes. 100% of your contribution to the Jan Kral Legacy Scholarship Fund will directly benefit persons-served.

Home Beautification and Repair
Minnie Harms created this fund in honor of her granddaughter who lived in a Shangri-La home for many years. The fund aims to "enhance the living environments of individuals with developmental disabilities". Donations help to purchase home furnishings and decor to personalize a home or replace aging items.

Better Together Monthly Giving Community
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All donors who make a re-occurring monthly contribution will become members of Shangri-La's Better Together Monthly Giving Community. This community understands that helping individuals with disabilities or disadvantages realize and achieve their dreams requires an on-going and consistent commitment to Shangri-La's mission and vision. Together, we can achieve more than we ever imagined.

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, your gift is deductible for income tax purposes within the limits of the law. Shangri-La's federal tax identification number is 93-0509414.

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